Kitchen Features that Boost Home Values

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Kitchen Features that Boost Home Values

The Heart of the Home

Most real estate professionals will agree that the heart of a home is the kitchen, so in today’s post from, we discuss how to boost your home’s value by using your kitchen.

List of Features that Pay for Themselves

Few rooms in a home can affect its desirability than a kitchen, it’s where holidays and family events are created. So we have compiled a list of kitchen features that have been shown to increase a home’s value, according to the popular real estate website, Zillow.

Pizza Oven

Up first is one of our favorites, there’s very little more American than having a pizza oven in your house. Data suggests that if you can bake a cheesy pie in your home, pizzeria style, then the value of your home may increase by as much as 3.4%.

[note]Now, if you don’t think that sounds like a lot, do the math, because if your home is valued at around $300,000, a pizza oven could bump that up to over $310,000.{/note]

Quartz Countertops

The next feature worth considering are engineered stone countertops, specifically quartz. Homebuyers are attracted to it because it’s gained more popularity as a scratch and heat resistant surface that also happens to be beautiful in the kitchen. And now that market research suggests one may see an additional 3.2% added to a home’s selling price, it seems like a solid investment.

Steam Oven

Ever hear of a steam oven? Neither did we until this episode. If you want to cook your entrée, sides, and dessert all at the same time and without extra fat and oil, then a steam/convection oven may be a healthy alternative for you and your home’s equity. According to real estate transactions recorded in 2021, a steam oven added approximately 4.9% to a home’s value. Now that’s hot!

Smart Appliances

You know what’s also hot? Smart appliances. Apparently, these wifi connected refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. are the latest craze, especially when they allow you to facetime to see your current inventory. By purchasing appliances that are always online, one could expect to see an additional 3% added to their home’s value.

Dual Range

Got gas? You might just be able to add 2.2% to your home’s value by adding a dual-range which features a gas cooktop and an electric oven. Why? Because homebuyers like to mix things up in the kitchen; gas is quick and efficient and an electric oven is nice and toasty.

Butcher Block Island

Now If you have the means to add a center island style butcher block, homes have shown to sell a few days faster and for approximately 2.7% more than homes without one. It’s even more desirable if you have a small sink in it.

Touchless Faucet

Speaking of sinks, it’s a minor boost of about 0.6% to a home’s value, but touchless faucets are also the latest craze. After all, who wants to work a faucet with their elbows or wait for someone to turn it on when you can just brush up against it. Convenience is the main seller of this feature.

Wine Refrigerator

And last on our list of kitchen features is one of those really cool wine fridges with a glass door. Homes with these grape coolers tend to sell a few days faster and for 1.7% more, especially when it’s well positioned in the kitchen (like underneath a counter or nestled in-between cabinets). So if you decide to buy one, pop a cork and celebrate that gain with a toast.