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Let’s Break it Down…

On this sample page, we break down how we assemble our Premium US Home Value Report for homeowners and real estate investors. The amount of data obtained will undoubtedly affect how many pages are contained in your final version – reports can be 20-30 pages, especially our Premium and Deluxe reports for real estate investors and landlords.

Not All Properties are Created Equal

The format into which our data is compiled varies considerably based upon the report type, individual property, and its governing jurisdiction. On occasion, floor plans and dimensions are actually handwritten sketches that have been scanned by a local assessor. So we always do our best to enhance and enlarge any images for easier viewing.

Entire US Home Value Report

Introductory Page

As you can see from the image below, the initial page of the report identifies the subject property, it’s basic attributes, neighborhood characteristics and housing trends. And this is also where the valuation processor will make any needed remarks and display the estimated value..

Mapping and Layout

Aerial images and building sketches vary considerably around the United States due to so many data sources, but we try to present a consistent uniform report as often as possible. Unfortunately, at least with floor plans, there are quite a few jurisdictions that do not make them readily available.

Property Ownership & Characteristics

The next few pages involve identifying the property owner in those jurisdictions where available and then going into to detail about various types of property characteristics. Much of the information in this section is obtained either from public records, agents or the subject property owner.

Property History & Statistics

Serving sometimes as an overflow for additional property characteristics, the subsequent pages focus on the history of the property and it’s taxes, listing & sales prices, as well as the local area statistics such as median listing to sale price percentage, median price per foot, days on market, and so on.

Area Sales

This is where we cast a wide net and reel in what we find. We don’t always use every property here when we perform our internal proprietary Comparative Market Analysis, but we like to show the activity in the local area to help paint a picture for our clients. One of the special features in our Premium US Home Value Report is that the valuation processor will make a remark about a recent remodel or feature such as an updated kitchen or finished basement if it’s been discovered in agent notes. That’s the advantage of having a human estimated value as opposed to an AVM (Automated Valuation Model).

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