What is My House Worth?

24 Hour Reports for Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

Satisfy Your Curiosity or Consider Your Options

Homeowners can benefit from our services either by satisfying their curiosity or considering if the time is right to sell, renovate, apply for a loan, etc. Ultimately, the lender will determine what value to assign a house, but our report can help with the preliminary research as a homeowner decides which path to take.

Objective and Factual Information

Our US Home Value Report is a powerful valuation tool offering objective and factual information accompanied by experienced opinions. We offer an easy-to-read format that includes up to 20 sales comparables. The average report is more than twelve pages in length and typically includes the following information listed below.

Note: The availability of property information may vary as required by law or as made available by local governments.

Home Value Report Features:

Entire US Home Value Report
Human Performed Assessments
Reliable Results in 24 Hours
Up to 20 Area Sales*
Site Information (Rooms, Living Area, Lot, etc.)
Prior Sales Information (Dates, Amounts, etc.)
Tax Assessed Value (Improvements and Land)
Property Images/Photos
Floor Plans**
Lot Mapping and Aerial Views
Annual Taxes (Current and Prior Years)

*Area sales prices for nondisclosure states (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah) will show the list price or estimated value.

**Government images and building sketches are subject to availability. Homeowners are sometimes allowed to provided updated images if significant exterior changes have been made.

Sample Property Data
Sample Building Sketch

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