What is My House Worth?

Homeowners and homebuyers can both benefit from our appraisal emulation report. It is a powerful valuation tool offering objective and factual information accompanied by experienced opinions. We offer an easy-to-read format that includes up to 20 sales comparables. The average report is ten pages in length and typically includes the following information indicated below. Note: The availability of information may vary as required by law or as made available by local governments.

Home Value Report Features:

  • Human Performed Assessments
  • Reliable Results in 24 Hours
  • Up to 20 Area Sales*
  • Site Information (Rooms, Living Area, Lot, etc.)
  • Prior Sales Information (Dates, Amounts, etc.)
  • Tax Assessed Value (Improvements and Land)
  • Property Images/Photos
  • Floor Plans (If Available)
  • Lot Mapping and Aerial Views
  • Annual Taxes (Current and Prior Years)
  • Owner Information and Property Events

*Area sales prices for nondisclosure states (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah) will show the list price or estimated value.

Sample Property Data