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Middlesex County has more than 1.5 million people residing in the following cities:  Cambridge, Everett, Lowell, Malden, Marlborough, Medford, Melrose, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown, and Woburn. Since there is no county government, property records must be researched through local city authorities. We offer a Middlesex County home value report to anyone contemplating buying or selling a home.

Knowing the true market value of real estate is an invaluable tool for negotiating transactions without having to spend hundreds on a conventional appraisal. When you just need to know how much a property is worth from an independent unbiased source, we can provide you with all you need to know for less than a quarter of the cost of hiring a licensed property appraiser.

Knowledge is power and our job is to inform you about any residential property.

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