Improvements & Features

24 Hour Reports for Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

Step 4: Tell us about improvements and features.

Note: If any of this information is unknown, you may indicate that you don’t know or you may make an educated guess. This is just preliminary; we will do our own research.

Please describe any significant improvements made $5,000+ since the last recorded sale. We are especially concerned about kitchen/bath updates, adding an in-ground pool, finishing a basement, etc.
Please describe any significant improvements needed $5,000+ such as structural issues or even things like a kitchen that hasn't been updated for decades.
Don't worry about having an actual estimate performed. You may guess at how much you think you would need to spend to make the needed repairs/updates.
They're usually not required, but sometimes a valuation processor may ask for images of improvements made (or needed).
Sometimes data sources are not up to date. This often includes incorrect room counts, lot dimensions, living area, and so on. You may suggest any corrections here or simply confirm the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living area square footage, etc.
How would you describe the condition of the kitchen?
Please choose any applicable features contained in the list.