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In the late 1890’s, Cecil A. Beasley, a Richmond banker, originally called this little town Dyer after Miss Isabel Dyer, who he eventually married. When it was discovered that another community was already called Dyer, it was renamed to Beasley instead. It wasn’t incorporated until 1970 and the population never exploded. There are only an estimated 1,000 residents today, so the housing market is small, but often just active enough prepare a comparative market analysis. We also sometimes use data from adjacent communities for real estate investors that need a Beasley TX Real Estate CMA Home Value Report for any property zoned for:

Beasley Elementary School, Navarro Middle School, George Junior High School, and B.F. Terry High School.

Beasley Comparative Market Analysis

Comparative Market Analysis

Our guarantee: All of our reports and estimates are human generated. We do not use AVMs (automated valuation models). Therefore, we guarantee the accuracy of our valuations to be within +/-5% of an official appraisal within 30 days of our report or it’s on us.

Beasley Real Estate Appraisal Estimates (Not AVMs)

Have your ever seen the automated valuation model (AVM) estimates on popular real estate sites? They are often so wrong, we had to eventually ignore them completely. Software-based calculations can’t tell the difference between a ditch and an elaborate Koi pond. So we worked hard to develop a home value report powered by human valuation processors who must research and verify the living area, key features, aerial photos, lot dimensions, sales comps, listing data, tax history, and even ownership. Learn more by viewing our Sample Report. If you’re thinking of buying or selling near Beasley Elementary School, Navarro Middle School, George Junior High School, and B.F. Terry High School, you can count on our service to accurately estimate an appraiser’s opinion.

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