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Located on Cottonwood Creek and Farm Road 1978. In 1904, Redwood had three one-teacher schools for ninety-one students. Today, it is an unincorporated census-designated place with a population of approximately 4,000. If you wish to learn the value of real estate in the area, you may order a Redwood TX Real Estate CMA Home Value Report which features a comparative market analysis for any property zoned for the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School Districts.

Redwood Comparative Market Analysis

Comparative Market Analysis

Our guarantee: All of our reports and estimates are human generated. We do not use AVMs (automated valuation models). Therefore, we guarantee the accuracy of our valuations to be within +/-5% of an official appraisal 30 days after our report or it’s on us – that’s called “banking on it” 🙂

Redwood Real Estate Appraisal Estimates (Not AVMs)

No matter where a property is located, an automated valuation model (AVM) used to power estimated values on websites will often disappoint. That’s because AVM-based estimates frequently contain misinformation from the properties intended to be used for analysis. Imagine using sales comps with the wrong square footage. Happily, we developed a manual home value report which offers a reliable appraisal emulation because we use humans to research and interpret property details, photos, lot dimensions, sales comps, listing data, tax history, and property owners. View our Sample Report today if you’re thinking of investing or selling a home zoned for the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District.

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