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Incorporated in 1984, The City of Woodcreek consists of approximately 696 acres of land, which includes Brookmeadow, the original 18-hole Woodcreek golf course, the homes in what was originally called Woodcreek Resort Subdivision, the Oak Orchard Enclave, and Camp Young Judaea. It’s primarily a retirement community with an estimated 1,800 residents. Homeowners and real estate investors interested in knowing the value of local houses, may order a Woodcreek TX Real Estate CMA Home Value Report which features a comparative market analysis for any house zoned for Wimberley Independent School District.

Woodcreek Comparative Market Analysis

Comparative Market Analysis

Our guarantee: All of our reports and estimates are human generated. We do not use AVMs (automated valuation models). Therefore, we guarantee the accuracy of our valuations to be within +/-5% of an official appraisal 30 days after our report or it’s on us – that’s called “banking on it” 🙂

Woodcreek Real Estate Appraisal Estimates (Not AVMs)

We created a home value report that can only be approved by living breathing person, not a personal computer. Our valuation processors interpret the property characteristics, photos, lot dimensions, sales comps, listing data, tax history, and vital statistics unlike an automated valuation model (AVM) which does not involve a single person to perform a calculation. So if a sales comp fails to have the extra living area noted from a finished basement, an AVM would artificially inflate its cost per square foot. This happens all of the time on popular real estate websites featuring AVM-based estimated values. So check out our Sample Report and order your own personalized report when buying or selling a home zoned for the Wemberley Independent School District.

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