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First settled in 1749 by Spanish colonists, the area that is now Hidalgo was known by multiple names. In 1852, John Young renamed the town “Edinburgh” after his place of birth in Scotland. The town was eventually incorporated in 1876 and its name was changed to “Hidalgo” in 1885. It’s current population is estimated to be 14,500 among 4,000 households. So if you’re looking to buy or sell a house in the area, let us provide you with a Hidalgo TX Real Estate CMA Home Value Report which features a comparative market analysis for any property zoned for the Hidalgo, Valley View, and South Texas Independent School Districts.

Hidalgo Comparative Market Analysis

Comparative Market Analysis

Our guarantee: All of our reports and estimates are human generated. We do not use AVMs (automated valuation models). Therefore, we guarantee the accuracy of our valuations to be within +/-5% of an official appraisal 30 days after our report or it’s on us – that’s called “banking on it” 🙂

Hidalgo Real Estate Appraisal Estimates (Not AVMs)

This housing market has a modest amount of activity, so a real estate agent should be willing to accommodate a request to run some comps and assess a value, but for those that want to do their own preliminary research without asking for help, we created a home value report performed by our own staff without involving an agent. And unlike an automated valuation model (AVM), our valuation processors interpret essential property characteristics, photos, lot dimensions, sales comps, current listing data, tax history, and vital statistics. Popular real estate websites featuring AVM-based estimated values often fail to catch artificially inflated costs per square foot. This is because property listings frequently contain the wrong living area. Read our Sample Report page before ordering your own custom valuation for property zoned for the Hidalgo, Valley View, and South Texas Independent School Districts.

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